Born from the inspiration of creating a truly restful sanctuary for you to spend time during your holiday or the memorable occasion with that special someone you hold so dear. Experience relaxation and exquisite culinary cuisine set in the midst of nature with all the comforts and pleasures of home all in one place.

I searched everywhere for the very best location and found a piece of land seven hundred meters long set at the base of a pristine mountain range in the heart of nature full of numerous kinds of trees and vegetation which feels like a scene out of a painting that you will wake up to every morning. Also enjoy our eight year old palm forest which stands ten meters high and gives shade to a small wandering stream that will make you feel energized and refreshed.

After finding the perfect location I built the resort up high to provide a magnificent view of all the surrounding tranquility of nature and made sure to build around and protect all the existing trees throughout the resort area.

The goal I strove to achieve was find a place with mountains, a stream and a pond. The only thing missing was a pond so I dug one using one rai of land to make a place to store water and improve the natural ozone at the resort. The pond has helped lower the resort’s surrounding temperature and will allow you to feel truly rested during your stay.

After spending most of my life in Phuket city always busy with meetings and work, this resort has become like a getaway where I can relax from the hustle of city life and enjoy a 28 rai office where I can sip a delicious 5 baht cup of coffee surrounded by nature instead of spending a hundred baht for one cup in the city. This simple pleasure tastes and feels so much better than the expensive places that I used to go.

It took me eight months to plan and build which resulted in a resort that has a large beautiful lawn, refreshing ozone from the surrounding mountains, a place to run, do yoga and swim which will make you feel like you never want to leave.

Preserving the eco system at Khao Sok and giving you the best possible experience during your visit is my utmost goal and passion. I know that rest is very important and your happiness and relaxation is very important to me.

This resort has not only provided a place for you to experience the healing magic of nature but it has also created more than 20 jobs in the local community. I wish you a splendid time of relaxation during your stay with us.

Sincere regards,



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